30 Mar 2016

Google Fiber Phone to launch in US with unlimited calling

Google is planning to roll out the next evolution in landlines, the Fiber Phone, and a related subscription service at $10 per month (around Rs 660). The service will offer unlimited local and national calls as well as international rates at par with Google Voice, which works out to Rs 0.6 per minute to India for example.

In many ways, Fiber Phone brings mobile phone functionality to your landline. You get to keep your existing number, the service will provide you with spam filters, call-blocking, do-not-disturb and more. If that wasn’t enough, Google will apparently transcribe your voicemail for you and text or email the transcriptions to you directly.

Also included is the power of the cloud. Get a call on your landline? Answer it on your mobile, tablet or even laptop. The number stays with you wherever you go.

“Whether it’s calling mom or ordering take-out, we rely on our phones to help reach the people and things that matter. And while mobile phones have pushed us toward the future, home phone service is still important to many families,” Says Google.

Too bad the service isn’t coming to India anytime soon.


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