1 Feb 2016

WhatsApp is now free for lifetime, here what it is planning for future

The best-in-class messaging service WhatsApp has finally dropped its $1 annual fee service, which usually paid by users after the first year of use. Since there won’t be any third party ads, WhatsApp charged its users under annual subscription to continue to use its services. However, it used to be in all regions, but the India was the first country where WhatsApp made its services for free life.

Later, the annual subscription system didn’t work well in other regions too so; the company has decided to remove the annual subscription fee in all regions, which will be done with future app updates. You may ask that how WhatsApp will keep up with its massive amount of users? How will they operate its services without making money? Will they introduce third party ads just like other messaging services? WhatsApp answer for this is ‘No’. There won’t be any ads or spam within the app, but they are planning to make money by expanding the WhatsApp to enterprise level.

WhatsApp has one billion user base with billions of messages will be sent on a day to day basis, the WhatsApp engineers have been doing the mind blowing job in keeping the service clean, fast, reliable and user-friendly even with the Android, iOS operating systems rapid evaluation.

The company has mentioned in its Blog Post that most of the WhatsApp users don’t have the debit or credit cards so; the people are worried that they would lose access to their friends and family after the initial one year period. On the other hand, the rival WeChat, Telegram like messaging services are offering lifetime free access without paying anything but they make the money by displaying in-app ads.

However, WhatsApp is working on a solution to make money, which is nothing but taking the WhatsApp to enterprise level and asking them to pay a fee for its services. The organizations will easily spend the money on reliable and efficient services so, WhatsApp won’t have to face too many difficulties until and unless they implement the future services in a usable manner. The company is now owned by Facebook now as you know already so, evolving the WhatsApp will not be that much difficult.

WhatsApp has mentioned that they are planning to communicate your bank about whether a recent transaction was fraudulent, or with an airline about a delayed flight and much more. Currently, we are getting these messages via standard text messages and phone calls, but WhatsApp is preparing the things to replace those with its services. To remind you, WhatsApp will be reportedly introducing the Video Call feature in coming months, which lacks since the launch. The VoIP calls will play a key role in pushing forward the WhatsApp success in coming years.


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