1 Jan 2016

Whatsapp Server Down on 31 Dec 2015 Due to Happy Year 2016

Whatsapp is Down! today to heavy usage due to Happy New Year 2016. People reported that they can't send a message to anyone even on a group or personal chat.This is only due to happy new year 2016. Many people started sending happy new year wishes & messages to their family members and loved ones at the same time, as a result, WhatsApp server goes down at approx 10:15 pm on 31 Dec 2015 to till midnight after 12:00 am on 01 Jan 2016.

WhatsApp has suffered many short downtimes every month or two for the last half-year. Many of festival season and this one is just another downtime for it

How many of you faced same problem Comment bellow.


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