30 Jan 2016

The perfect app if you have trouble seeing notifications

Smartphones can do just about anything - phone calls, texting, Web surfing, photos, videos and gaming, just to name a few. So it's understandable that they can be a bit complicated to use.

There are lots of tiny app icons, widgets and settings cluttering up the screen. Plus, typing on the small default keyboard can get old fast.

If you want a simpler experience, try Wiser. It replaces the regular Android home screen with six apps - home, camera, contacts (complete with contact photos), messenger, photo gallery and a link to more apps.

Because there are only six menu options, the icons are large, easy to read and easy to tap. You will also notice that the keyboard and the fonts are larger than usual.

If you have other apps you like to use, they're still there. However, when you click through to see more apps, only six will appear at a time for easier selecting. By comparison, Android phones typically show up to 16 apps on one screen.

For phones running Android 4.3 and higher, Wiser includes a Notice Board. This simplifies Android's default notification screen so you can see at a glance how many voicemails and messages you have waited.

If you don't like Wiser, you can uninstall it and your phone will be back to the way it was.
Download the app from below

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