30 Jan 2016

Install more than 2 million Android home screens with a few taps

One of the best things about Android - and one thing Apple can't (or won't) touch - is the ability to customize the look and function of your phone or tablet to make it unique to you.
Want your phone to look like this?

You can do that! Just download the Themer app and you can browse from more than 2 million users and professionally created Android home screens and install them with just a few taps.

This app was developed by MyColorScreen, a website that collects Android themes. You used to have to install a bunch of separate widgets, wallpapers and icons, but Themer makes it much simpler to do.

There are themes that can make your Android look almost exactly like an iPhone or Windows phone. There are some wild ones that look like something out of a science fiction movie. Be careful, though: Since almost all of them are built by regular Android users, some might not be appropriate for all ages.

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