7 Jan 2016

Google "Play Store" vs "Aptoide"

Although Google Play Store is the first choice in every user’s mind when it comes to downloading a new application for their Android mobile device, is good to know that there is another option:  Aptoide, a challenge to Google Play Store that brings a different approach to apps downloading.

We will make a brief reference to it in order to let you know some things about the brand and some others things that have been said about it, to help you make an idea of it.

This Portugal originated company competes with Google in the app market worldwide. Last year Aptoide reached the number of 51 million Android mobile device users, expecting to reach 100 million users in 2015.

Aptoide CEO, Paulo Trezentos headed a mission to China searching to settle down the company in a region (China, India and South East Asia) of 1.600 million potential customers; and although the future seems to be brilliant, the company faced some big problems in the past.
Many users had troubles when trying to download some applications directly from Aptoide. That, made Google advice them to delete this application from its own app store; leaving only Google Play Store as the safest way of app downloading. Since then Aptoide was considered to be an app hacker platform, consequently performing illegal acts.

And being safety one of Google main concerns, it is easy to understand how quick the company reacted when those problems were in the public domain, advising customers to get rid of its main competitor, deleting it from their mobile devices.

Besides, we must say at this point that many mobile phone companies warn users that they, the companies, won’t be responsible for the problems downloading apps from Aptoide may bring.

Aptoide was accused of easing the way to spying on us, thus being a threat  to our privacy. And although Google took no special steps to block downloads from Aptoide, the latter filed a complaint at the EC against Google for advising Android mobile devices users to delete Aptoide.

Although we can never know how high the real risk of being spied is, we should always bear in mind that is better not to take any chances on the matter.

So in the end, it will be up to you and at your own risk deciding whether to get free apps from Aptoide or pay a low cost and take low-risk thanks to Google Play Store. It is not our aim to cast ominous shadows on your free will, but advising you on the best you can do when looking for a safe app download.


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