23 Dec 2015

Christmas-Themed Best Android Games

The Christmas Season is almost here, and its wonderful time of the year, which means you have probably already gotten Christmas gifts, candies for your friends and families.
Most of us got gifts for our loved ones and let’s not forget our young nieces and nephews. And if they have been asking for the latest smartphone from Santa, then we have gathered a list of games that can add more fun for this years’ Christmas. As this season always goes jolly, we have moderated Christmas themed games to keep everyone entertained for this New Year.

The game is about building the Santa’s village and construct home for Santa’s elves and decorate it with different items. The basic purpose is to save the Santa’s village for Christmas. It’s a very nice game to play on Christmas.

Candy Grab is packed with tons of fun. This entertaining game has countless hours of holiday fun for the entire family. All you have to do is to grab candies and gifts in the basket and avoid stinky gifts and dynamites. The game has all the ingredients of unlimited fun and excitement for the Christmas season.

Talking Santa made it to our list of a best android app for Xmas season. The app is very interesting and all you have to do is to speak in the microphone and listen to Santa repeat your holiday message. You can also feed milk, food, and swipe and poke Santa.

Fruited Xmas is basically a puzzle game. You have to tap 3 fruits in a row to wipe them off the screen. The game is little challenging when worms come in between and you have to get rid of them. The Fruited Xmas has different modes, which makes it more interesting to keep young and adults entertained.

In this game, you have to help Santa to deliver the presents down the chimney. You can collect dozens of prizes as you progress in the game. Overall the game is lively and entertaining to play.
There are thousands of Christmas themed apps in Google Play Store. And we tried to come up with the best ones. If you think we have missed any great Christmas app, feel free to tell us in the comment box.


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