22 Aug 2014

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Motorola Moto G

1. You first have to power off your Android smartphone. In order to do that, press the power button and select “power off”.

2. Wait a few seconds and then press the volume up and volume down buttons along with the power button at the same time for about 3, or 4 seconds.

3. Release the buttons; the Moto G boot menu must be now displayed on your phone.

4. Use the Volume Down button in order to scroll down and also up as the Volume Up button can be used only for selecting an option.

5. Scroll down until you reach “recovery” and the press the Volume Up button once.

6. The android logo will now be displayed on your phone.

7. Hold down Volume Up and Volume Down buttons for about 5 seconds and press power button once.

8. The recovery mode menu should now be displayed.

9. That was all; you can now choose to hard reset your Moto G or you can return to Android OS by selecting “reboot system now”.


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